on wall art


Nobuhiro Nakanishi

This interesting post illustrates the potential of creating dynamic art using static photographs.  The artist, Nobuhiro Nakanishi, takes pictures of a landscape and laser prints it onto acrylic, as the original post points out.  The effect of movement occurs as the viewer moves past the piece, observing the subtle differences in each frame.  I found this especially interesting since I’m taking a class on image and the city, and our most recent assignment was to create a video clip using photographs.  I really like the composition of this piece, and I feel that it allows the audience to look at the pictures from different angles, a mere hemispheric perspective of a series of photographs.  In terms of future implications, this type of art can influence the way we present our drawings and how users interact with space through this medium.  We let the audience take a tour of the tour we’ve designed from them, removing some freedoms (by choosing the photographs ourselves) while they are still free to look at the slides freely.

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Nobuhiro Nakanishi


One thought on “on wall art

  1. This is very interesting. Maybe some system could be constructed to allow for slides of various sets to be interchange (with limits, so it doesn’t become completely randomized) to introduce elements of various scenes into each other? It would be interesting if the viewers themselves could control the interchange.

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