assignment 04 _ on triangles

Assignment three addresses the input of XML data and output as triangle information.  Through the use of classes, I am able to call upon functions within a particular class in another attached file to streamline the retrieval, update, and output process.  Below, we can see some of the script used to generate these triangles.

One of the things that we covered in class is incorporating movement and mouse input.  While the original class assignment was intriguing in its potentiality, I felt that it lacked color.  The three images below show, with the code above, how you can add color to the processing program by declaring three variables, presumably the RGB value, and set a function to randomize the colors chosen.

To explain, the first image is the last remaining of the three original triangles.  The second image shows that by clicking the mouse, the user generates a series of triangles that emerge from the mouse click position.  Notice how each of the triangles is a different color.  The third image shows that as the mouse is no longer clicked, the triangles move outward and disappear from the screen.

A copy of the script can be found here.


on processing

I started to toy with the processing program used for this course.  I have a basic understanding of C++ and I immediately recognized the language while sifting through the different examples on the site.  One of the most striking characteristic of this program is the simple GUI.  I’m always a fan of simplicity and have an appreciation for powerful tools, and I do feel that this will become a favorite of mine.  I’m glad that we’re not learning flash in this course, to be honest, because I’m sick of watching it struggle and fail on several of my computers.  There are better technologies out there, and I’d much rather learn those languages instead.

Processing is rather simple.  Script, save, play.  If something breaks, or code miswritten, the program alerts you rather than crashing everything in sight.  I chose the “animator” example because I like interaction.  I made this grid system using moving dots, and it was actually pretty fun to watch.

The code wasn’t that complicated either.  A copy of the script can be found here if you want to try it out.