on final project

Our final project is based upon the concept of creating a database of drawings.  We wanted to use the framework of Draw Something! in order to create such a database, where players would draw a picture after being provided a word, and then guessing an existing picture.  Since the complexity of the project was beyond the scope of the course material, we decided to remove some of the qualities of the game and brought it down to “Draw!”.

The process of designing a game as complex as draw something involves several classes.  One of the key classes is the color swatch on the top of the screen.  The start button would begin the database by calling upon a predetermined word and clearing the contents of the screen, which at the beginning of the game is simply the start button.  The word is displayed on the top right corner, and the player uses the Kinect system (or a mouse) to draw the displayed word.  Upon completion, the program should take a screen shot of the image drawn and save it into the database with the word pair, and display a drawn picture for the player to guess.

The second part of the project would have involved a guessing mechanism with 10 letters, x of which belong to the word itself and the rest filled with random letters.  We created the class for this as a preliminary set up, but didn’t have the time or knowledge to complete this portion of the project.

At the end of the project, there would be a database with a series of words and a series of pictures paired to the word.  It could be beneficial to observers to see how long it took a person to draw a particular picture, its complexity, and how long it takes for another player to decipher the drawing.  I would be interested to see how players with certain handicaps, perhaps closing their eyes or drawing with their non-dominant hand would react to such changes.

A copy of the unfinished script can be found here.


on draw something project

For the final arch 430 project, Lauren and I decided to make something less complicated than the project outlined in a previous blog post.  We decided that because of the complexity involved in writing code for four separate stations and having it sync to one source, we were going to follow the trends of handheld (mobile) gaming and make a kinect version of “Draw Something”.

Basically, we’ve dumbed down the game to make it easier to code since, to be frank, coding is a completely foreign language to the both of us.  The player competes against the computer, and upon finishing a drawing, the player’s drawing is stored in the database to be accessed by another player.  Through this process, we would have about 15 words with 100 different drawings for each word.  We want to use this information later on to understand how people can interpret simple drawings at different speeds using different visual cues.  Though the complexity of storing a drawing into the array is mind numbing, we’ve trudged through and hopefully will have a working prototype on Thursday.