on fall

the fall semester is over and this blog was neglected for the better part of it.  I thought I’d resolve this issue by using this as a collection of thoughts for the forthcoming semester, concrete.  in this post is my work from the past semester, which I thought was deserving of an A based on effort, but I digress.  here it is in summation:

Int_Lobby_01 Int_Kitchen_03 Int_Kitchen_02 Int_Stairs_04 Int_Bays_02 Int_Stairs_01 Ext_East_Patio_01 Ext_East_Patio_03 Ext_West_Eave_02 Int_Stairs_02 Int_Stairs_05 Int_Stairs_06 Int_Stairs_07 Sect_01 Sect_02

these are just renderings, and the diagrams and programmatic models I left out intentionally, but know this is a firehouse based on experiential spaces.  well, architecture is a process anyway.


assignment 03 _ on XML

The purpose of assignment 3 was to parse XML data into processing, using existing XML data of different x-positions, y-positions, widths, and heights.  This data is turned into boxes and drawn using the draw() function.  Using the Box class, we go through the data and pick out the information relevant to the boxes, and using getChildCount figure out how many boxes to make.  The println() function prints to processing the information already provided in the XML data.  The beauty of XML over traditional spreadsheet tables is that it is readable by computers and humans using code and pseudocode.  For example, a box would be called as <box id=”1″ height=”40″ width=”50″></box> and through the script, draw a 40×50 size box.  The script can be found here and screenshots below.